No vocals. No chat. No holding back!

Get Carter began in 2004 when James Mackie and John Elles got together to find out what would happen when James’s wild organ stylings and pounding left-hand bass lines were combined with John’s urgent tub-thumping.
Both had spent a lifetime in music one way or another. Amongst others, James played for Two-Tone band The Selecter in the early eighties recording two albums, ‘Celebrate the Bullet’ and… ‘Dance Craze’ and touring extensively including sessions on John Peel, Whistle Test, etc.

Later he stepped in to Madness to take over on Piano in the mid 80s for live and TV work including ‘Saturday Night Live’ in New York, the Montreux Pop Festival and lots of other stuff that’s a bit of a blur quite frankly. John has played in too many bands to mention in the North West including The Permanents and The Rankin’ Popes supporting , amongst others, Generation X.

They practice a lot. When there’s just two pairs of hands – there’s nowhere to hide!

James and John - Get Carter

James Mackie

Recorded two albums (one gold) and toured with ‘The Selecter’ in the 1980’s, went on to play keyboards for ‘Madness’ on tour and on TV in Europe and America. He sessioned with the ‘Eurythmics’ and composed music for film and radio throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

John Elles

A serial drummer for many bands in the Northwest throughout the same period. Amongst other highlights John played in The Permanents, The Ranking Popes and other underground outfits around the Northwest supporting acts like Generation X.